Drawing and Painting

Young Love
Fall 2011
This project was done with sharpie. First I used a grid to make sure I kept everything in proportion. Then I used pencil to sketch out a rough drawing of my picture. Then I started to redraw and go over my pencil with sharpie. As I was dong this I used an eraser to erase all of my lines. I did this picture because I think that it seemed to have a deeper meaning of how now a days kids are growing up more on their own and more so without parents guiding them. Kids seem to be learning more on their own and are pushing away from their parents and trying to grow up fast. I like this picture because I think it shows this with the two young kids walking alone holding hands in an empty/abundant environment.

Closer Perspective
Winter 2012
This project was done with water color. First I just sketched out my boxes for where I wanted them to be and then I sketched it all out. After that I kind of erased my pencil lines so I couldn’t see them as much and then I painted everything in. Starting with the back grounds and then from the tree to the apple. I think this project was a good idea; I wanted to show the different perspectives. When your up close to something sometimes its to hard to tell what it is, but when you take a step back and look at the whole picture you get a better perspective on things. I painted this to express that idea.

The Blossom of Life
Fall 2011
For this project we had to use pen. I started off by using a grid so that everything would be in proportion and then I sketched it all out. A tried my best to keep it all really light so my pencil wouldn’t show through. When I started with my pen I erased as I went. I didn’t want to outline anything because that would make it look flat and unrealistic. I drew this because I found it to be interesting because I liked the view and tiger lilies are my favorite flower.

Count on Me
Winter 2012
This project was acrylic paint. For this project I painted my board green and then did a photo transfer of a picture of my best friend and I. Then I painted the lyrics to the song Count on Me by Bruno Mars. I wanted to paint this for my best friend and I gave it to her for a Christmas present. I liked this idea because it is simple and it has a lot of meaning behind it. The painting represents our friendship and everything we have been through and in the end I know that i can always count on her.


Standing Alone
Fall 2011
This was a sketch that I turned in, it was just in pencil. I decided to do this because I like to draw or sketch trees. I think the main meaning behind my project is that everyone seems to stand alone and in the sketch I have a tree standing alone. I guess i just feel like sometimes I am alone on certain things and no one can help me, but I can still grow and learn to make the right decision.


Winter 2012
This was just another sketch that I turned in, it was also in pencil. I drew this to mainly represent life in general. Because some people are on top and above everyone else and some are at the very bottom. Some people are going crazy; some don’t know what to do. Some people are just barely hanging on and others are already falling off.


Rainy Day Perfection
Spring 2012
This project i did in sharpie. I used a thin point black sharpie for the people and a fat red sharpie for the umbrella. I used the dotting technique to make this project. I wanted to do this project because we did the dotting thing last semester and I wanted to try and do it again because I liked the way it looked. I got the idea for this project from an old sketch. I like how simple it is and that I was able to really capture the image that I wanted the red umbrella to give in my project.


Rainy Day
Winter 2012
I made this project with paper cardboard and oil pastels. I saw a picture done this way before and I liked the way that it looked so I tried to create my own using my theme of red umbrellas. It didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it to, I pictured something with a more clean look, but with the oil pastels it was hard to do without smearing it. I guess I still like the way that it turned out though.


Kiss me in the Rain
Winter 2012
I did this project in acrylic paint. I went on Google and was searching red umbrella images and I found a picture that I really liked so I decided to paint it. This project was the first one that I did this semester and the first red umbrella project that I did. I like this project because the color choice, I think that the red, black and white really makes the red on the nails and lips pop.

Red Umbrella
Spring 2012
I used back ink to make this project. I made a stamp to create this project. I took a flat piece of rubber and drew the umbrella on it. Then I used a tool to carve out my design the way that I wanted it to look. I tried a few practice ones to see how it looked and then cut more off of some parts to get it to look right. I played around with it a little and tried a few different ways just to see how I liked it on different materials. I still want to do more with the stamp; I just haven’t figured out what yet. I like the way that it turned out and I will do my finally project with it soon.

A Walk in the Rain
Spring 2012
This project I did in colored pencil. I had saw a picture of something similar and I liked it. I also had a sketch that was close to it, so I kind of used the main idea of both pictures. I like this picture because I think I did a good job on the texture of the trees and I think it gives it kind of an eerie feel. I also like that I did the umbrella in red, it makes the whole picture pop a lot more because its so light.


Lady Swirl
Winter 2012
This is one of my sketches that I did for the year. I did it in pencil. I like the way that it looks, as you have to take a closer look to see what’s really there. The lady’s face it kind of hidden in the swirls of her hair. Even though the picture is simple I think the depth makes it look interesting.