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Kaylee's Art Portfolio

Hey, this is me Kaylee. I am a freshman and my favorite subject in school is art class. Its a
great class to relax and create what ever you want to. This class will help me improve on my future drawings
and if in any case I would be drawing or painting in the future the things I have learned in this class will help
me to become a better artist. I feel like its my free hour and and can just work on improving my artist skills.
I enjoy painting, drawing, shading, and coloring. I have recently been working on a few art projects that have
been assigned to our class. In my art work I try to draw things that areappealing to me, and things that i can
relate to. When I draw I have many different styles, it depends on what the project is. I have put on a few of
my art pieces from this year and I hope you enjoy them.