Little Eli
Fall 2010
This is my little cousin Eli. I wanted to captured this moment of
him on the shrimp boat when we went to Jackle Island, Georgia.

Go Green
Fall 2010
I decided to create this project Because i agree that our world should go green and I'm trying to help
with the cause of recycling.

Fall 2010
One of my favorite movies when i was little was Bambi. This picture reminded me of that and i painted it.

Its a Long Road Ahead
Fall 2010
This drawing shows people sad stories of walking down a dark road alone.
It shows the struggles in the past will never be forgotten.

Common Hallway
Fall 2010
This is a picture of one of the many hallways in our school. It reminds me of all
the good times and conversations we have had in these hallways.
They Call Me Kay
Fall 2010
My family calls me Kay. This was a project where we were showing who we are, and I think this describes me well.
I like it when my grandma calls me Kay because I feel like i have my own special nick name out of every one else in the family.

The Great Beyond
Fall 2010
Third point perspective, land scape was this project. i turned my building into water falls because i like water falls,
I think they are peaceful which is what i was trying to express in this piece.

Blue Flower
Spring 2011
This was an oil resist project, where we had to draw something in oil pastel and then paint around it with watercolor.
I liked this project because the watercolor is fun to paint because even if you go over the oil it doesnt let you, so its hard
to mess up. Even though i found this project to be easy i still thought it was fun.

Garlic Vase
Spring 2011
This is my still life drawing of a garlic bowl and some other stuff the was on the table.
I liked this project because it taught me how to draw what i see rather then what i think i see.
This project was dificult beucase it was hard to get the proportions right.

Spring 2011
We had an oil pastel drawing and we had to pick an emotion from a box. I got hope and i decided to draw people from
different cultures coming together. i thought that this project was kinda of hard becuase in my opinion oil pastels are
hard to work with beucase they are so waxy. i still iked the idea of this project and the emotions behind them.

Spring 2011
This is one of my seven stamps. This is my tissue paper one, my favorite. We had to make a lot of different prints
for this project. This project was really fun. It took a lot of steps, we had to first draw what we wanted, trace it onto the rubber, care it out, then make our stamps. I think that making the stamps and carving them out was the best part.


Spring 2011
This was my woven drawing. We had to take two pictures and weave them together and then draw them to a bigger scale.
I drew a pituce of me and a rose woven together. I like that we used the grids to keep everything in scale. I think
that it made the projects look better all together.

Spring 2011
This is a watercolor painting of candy wrappers. I choose to make a starburt as my main candy wrapper.
Water color is difficult to use because if you use to much water it will go where you dont want it and its hard to fix.
I didnt really like this project all that much because I thought it was hard and didn't turn out very good.


Red Panda
Spring 2011
For this project we had to use a scratch board. I thought that this project was a lot of fun. When we first started to do the scratch part of it I was scared that I was going to mess it up. If you make a mistake then you can't go back and fix it.
This was probably one of my favorite projects all year and I think they turned out good.